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Orange County Photobooth

Orange County Photobooth

Orange County Photobooth, also serving Los Angees and Inland Empire – In addition to wedding photography we also have photo booth to add to our services. Everything is automated right down to the print and the great thing is it doesn’t take a lot of space or take away from the ambiance on the reception area when set up, all that’s needed is a 10×10 foot space and a wall outlet 25 feet from the booth. We’ve had 15 people in our booth at the same time, you can’t do that with a regular booth.
As a wedding photographer it hurts me to see bad light in my pictures, even in photobooth photos. Above my photobooth I use a big umbrella to bounce flattering light back at anyone that’s in front of it. Clean backgrounds are used to ensure your guest stand out in the photo. Backdrops are on the bottom of the page.

Orange County Photobooth (2)

Orange County Photobooth, Los Angeles Photobooth

In this digital age where instant physical prints are almost absent, photobooths are a great way for guests to have a physical memento of your day. They can go home and stick it to their fridge.

Print outs are traditional multi-strip 2×6, and postcard style 4×6. Everything prints out instantly so guests can have a copy to take right away, you will receive the digital copies. We have an assortment of photobooth props to choose from.

Animated GIFs and HD slideshows are available.

Packages start at $499, feel free to contact us for more information under  “Contact” in the “Information” tab.

As a wedding photographer I know Photoshop well, I take that knowledge into designing your print to your wedding. Colors, theme, everything is completely custom for your wedding. It’s important to me because just like your wedding photos, these booth photos will also be cherished for years to come.




HD Slideshow



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Orange County Photobooth



Los Angeles Photobooth




Los Angeles Photobooth



Here’s a Raiders Theme Design, she wanted Rhinestones and heart designs with the color of the Raiders which is Black, grey, and silver.

Orange County in Los Angeles Photobooth


Here’s another design, she wanted a glam design. Color were gold and black for the party.

Orange County Photobooth in Los Angeles








Special Backdrops – Special backdrops must be ordered 4-6 weeks ahead of time.

Orange County Photobooth, Los Angeles Photobooth

Phong Photography – Orange County, Inland Impire and Los Angeles Photobooth