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Phong Photography

Phong Photography

Hello, my name is Phong of Phong Photography. I know a lot of people pronounce my name wrong so don’t feel bad if you said it wrong just now. The P and H makes an F, kind of like pharmacist, photography, pharaoh, phun, just kidding about that last one.

If you got it right you should consider yourself a linguistic champ at English and quit your day job and come join me and we can take phantastic pictures 🙂

 I’m of Vietnamese decent born in San Diego, California but I look Chinese and I love tacos so that makes me part Mexican. If that was confusing that’s ok, I get confused myself sometimes.

Why did I choose wedding photography when there are so many other genres of photography?

Romance, I’m drawn to romance. There’s nothing better than seeing two people connect and documenting it. There’s no other form of photography that let’s me photograph people that have that connection. I can’t explain why I’m attracted to romance, maybe it shouldn’t be translated into words because doing so might devalue it.

 How many times have we all looked at an old picture from years ago and reminisce? These pictures can take us back into time and make is feel how we felt at the moment the picture was taken. This is what I shoot for, I want to take you back in time.


SERVING Orange County, Los Angeles, Southern California AND BEYOND

Phong Photography offers coverage in the Orange County, Los Angeles metro area, including but not limited to Southern California and anywhere in between.

In addition, Phong Photography also offers wedding photography around the world. Phong Photography is able to travel to where you are getting married.


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